The family owned and operated Scarponi-Bright Funeral Home, Inc. was originally owned by John Brokaw and it was operated as The Brokaw Funeral Home.

Cemetery & Mausoleum Information

These are just a few of the cemeteries that are in our local area. The contact information for the person(s) in
charge of each cemetery is as follows:

Union Cemetery
Lebanon, NJ
Sandy Dabb (908)642-0531

Lebanon Cemetery
Lebanon, NJ
David Voorhees (908)735-6554
Willard R. Young III (908)236-2460

Cokesbury Cemetery
Cokesbury, NJ
William Sutton (908)534-4365
Fred Sutton (908)236-2287

Evergreen Cemetery
Clinton, NJ
Bob Czaskos (908)479-1364

Locus Grove Cemetery
Don Trauger (908)735-7408

Mountain View Cemetery
Cokesbury, NJ
Matt Tinnes (908)832-2454

Rural Hill Cemetery
Whitehouse, NJ
Ken Stadnik (908)236-7310

St. Mary's Cemetery & Immaculate Conception
Cemetery and Mausoleum

Clinton, NJ
Church (908)735-7319

Musconetcong Cemetery
Hampton, NJ
Roger Zimmerman (908)537-2331

New Germantown Cemetery
Oldwick, NJ
Cecil Vroon (908)439-2149

St. Ann's Cemetery
Hampton, NJ
Church (908)537-2221

Immaculate Conception Cemetery & Mausoleum
Annandale, NJ
Laura Vitelli-Cell (908) 240-7734
Church Phone (908) 735-7319                          316 Old Allerton Road Annandale, NJ 08801